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Transmission Seems to be Slipping

If it feels like your transmission is slipping between gear changes, or your gears feel like they are slipping during a manual shift, it may be critical to check your transmission. An effective transmission is meant to initiate a gear shift seamlessly; if it does not do this, there could be a series of problems:

  • External controls need adjustment
  • External controls need replacement
  • Electrical components need adjustment or replacement
  • In an automatic transmission, the transmission computer may need replacement
  • Low fluid level or insufficient, the transmission computer may need replacement
  • The clutch needs adjustment or replacement
  • Internal parts may be worn or damaged which may require a major repair

No matter the transmission problem, it is important to service the problem right away. Any delay can worsen the problem. If you don’t take your car to the transmission professionals at AAMCO right away, your car may become inoperable.