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Fixing your transmission problem right starts with diagnosing your problem right! That's why we will perform our exclusive
multi-point transmission scan service on every car before we do any transmission repair.

Our exclusive Transmission Scan service includes all of these checks:
  • Check the level and condition of your transmission fluid
  • Check the level and condition of transfer case and differential fluid, where applicable.
  • Perform a road test, to experience first-hand any problems you have noticed, and to evaluate your car's performance.
Your AAMCO expert technician will diagnose many transmission problems through this extensive external check and recommend the right repair for you. But AAMCO expert diagnostics don't stop there. Even, if an initial check doesn't diagnose your problem, we still won't recommend a rebuilt transmission service until we know EXACTLY what is causing your problem.

Computer and Internal Diagnostics
Our advanced computer and internal diagnostics are the next level of diagnostics that ensure AAMCO technicians will only fix what needs fixing. Many transmission problems start in the computer system of today's highly technical, computer-controlled vehicles your transmission receives the wrong signals from your vehicle's computer system. The AAMCO Computer Diagnostic Service is performed to determine if an electronic component is affecting your transmission's shifting or overall performance and includes:
  • Using a computer system scanner to retrieve any trouble codes and to determine the probable cause. All critical computer systems in the vehicle are checked for trouble codes, because a variety of systems could cause driveability issues.
  • Reviewing the computer system data against our proprietary AAMCO technical database - the most extensive transmission computer diagnostic source available anywhere.

Your certified AAMCO center technician will also:
  • Check the electronic components
  • Check the solenoids and sensors
  • Check the wiring that effects the transmission, solenoids and sensors

Your AAMCO certified technician can then determine if an electronic component or part needs to be replaced, and make a recommendation for whatever service is necessary. It is our comprehensive diagnostic approach that sets AAMCO apart, so that you only get the repair you need and your car, truck or SUV is back on the road as soon as possible.

For nearly 50 years, AAMCO Centers have become the trusted experts in the diagnosis, service and maintenance of transmissions. Call AAMCO first. Before starting any repair, we will perform our extensive TranScan diagnosis on your transmission. And for over half the cars we service, we find only a minor repair is required. Call a competitor or local independent shop, and they may quote you a price for a transmission that you may not need!

If your transmission does require repair, AAMCO will rebuild your transmission right - not install a cheap junkyard unit. We will back it with the strongest nationwide warranty in the business – from our basic no-questions-asked nationwide warranty to our available iron-clad lifetime warranty!

Fixing your transmission problem right, starts with diagnosing your problem right! That's why we will perform our exclusive multi-point TranScan service on every car before we do any transmission repair.

We have the technology and expert diagnosticians to pin-point the root of your transmission problems so we only repair what needs fixing and nothing more. Over half of the time, we'll discover your transmission only requires a minor repair. It's why AAMCO is the most trusted name in transmissions and has been for nearly 50 years.