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How to Get Your Car Ready for Ride Sharing

If you're looking to join the hustle and earn additional dollars with your ride, you need to maintain it. See how you should prep your car for ride-sharing.

AAMCO Bay Area  | 02/06/2020  | Total Car Care

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How to Get Your Car Ready for Ride Sharing

The everyday grind in the Bay Area is a sight to see. With the large population, busy schedules, and the need to travel, we’re all looking for new ways to get around town. As an alternative to public transportation, many ride-sharing companies have provided us with the ability to summon and call a car to our immediate location. Since it’s inception, riding sharing has assisted millions in transporting them to their desired destination, safe and sound. While passengers have the luxury of safe travel, without using their cars, operators are putting additional wear and tear on their cars. Whether you are a current rider or ride operator, ride sharing is a fantastic way to get around and is here to stay.

Thinking about making a little money on the side by using your car for a ride-sharing service? You’re about to put a lot more miles on your car, so it’s a good idea to take care of some regular car maintenance before you stock up your back seat with water bottles, mints, and Kleenex for your guests. Basic repairs will help keep your car running optimally and prevent damage that leads to major repair services.

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Get Preventative Car Maintenance Services

When you sign up with a rideshare company, they will require that your car has an inspection and is in working order. Keeping up with regular maintenance will help you pass this inspection and there are a few key areas you can focus on.

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Have Your Brakes Checked

One of the most important safety aspects of your car is the brakes. They’re easy to keep an eye on yourself but they will also be one of the first things inspected if you’re planning on ride-sharing. Once your brake pads are worn down past 4mm in thickness, it’s time to get them replaced. Letting your brake pads become over-worn can cause damage to your rotors and even lead to brake failure. Replacing brake pads and rotors is best done by a trusted mechanic who has any necessary tools to carry out the repair. They will also be able to find the correct brake pads and rotors for your specific vehicle.

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Make Sure Your Lights Work

You can check this at home with a friend, too. Test out your headlights, brights, brake lights, and turn signals to make sure they’re all working properly. If any of these light bulbs are not working, it can be a big safety issue because you won’t be able to properly communicate with other drivers that you’re braking or turning. Plus, if inclement weather hits, your headlights and brake lights allow other drivers to see you when visibility is low. Replacing bulbs is relatively simple and can be done at home or by an auto repair mechanic, depending on your level of comfort with car repairs.

Check Your Tire Treads

The classic way to check this at home is by using a quarter. Insert the quarter in one of your tire treads head-down and if you can see Lincoln’s entire head, it’s time to get new tires. Tires that are over-worn will not be able to adequately grip the road, especially in rainy, snowy, or icy conditions when it’s already difficult to get traction. It may also be a good idea to get a tire rotation if you notice uneven wear between your front or rear tires. Once you start ride-sharing, keep an eye on your tires, since you’ll be putting a lot more miles on them than usual.

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Keep Your Exhaust System Happy

Another essential system in your car is the exhaust system. Not only will this affect emissions, which is monitored in many states, but also can be a health and safety issue if there is a leak. Depending on where your problem lies, you may notice trouble driving your car or if there’s a leak, you may notice a smell in the cabin of your car. Especially if there is a leak that’s allowing exhaust fumes to enter the cabin of your car, this can cause serious health problems and should be addressed before signing up with a ride share service.

Stay Ahead of an Air Conditioning Breakdown

You want to keep yourself and your guests happy while driving around town. This means making sure your air conditioning and heating systems are working well. Have a mechanic take a look at your AC system to make sure your refrigerant levels are adequate and your air compressor and condensers are working. This will ensure cold air blows out of the vents when you turn on your car’s AC.

Keep Your Ride Share Guests Safe and Happy

Our AAMCO Bay Area mechanics can carry out our multi-point inspection and ensure all key systems in your car are operating well. We’re here for all of your Bay Area auto repair needs, whether preventative or in response to a problem you’re experiencing with your car. Make sure you and your rideshare guests are safe on the road.

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