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What To Do If Your Transmission Fails

Is your transmission slipping? Are your gears grinding? Seeing leaks? Your transmission may be faulty. We discuss here, how you can take action now. Read more.

AAMCO Bay Area  | 11/05/2019  | Transmission

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What To Do If Your Transmission Fails

Your vehicle’s transmission system is what controls your engine’s power transfer to the wheels allowing for speed control and gear changes. Having transmission problems will not only set you back a few thousand dollars but will also compromise the safety of the occupants of your vehicle, as well as other road users. The risks are more apparent when your transmission suddenly goes out mid cruising down the road.
If your vehicle is making funny noises or has erratic shifting, you probably have a transmission problem. If it’s not shifting correctly, and you can hear a faint whining noise at the back, it vital to have your vehicle diagnosed by a professional and qualified mechanic before it completely breaks down.

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How Will I Know My Transmission Is Failing?

Taking care of your vehicle is much like taking care of yourself. The moment you get sick, your first action is to visit a physician. Therefore, the moment your vehicle starts acting up, it’s a wise move to have it checked by a reputable auto repair service.

Identifying transmission problems isn’t easy, especially if you lack basic automotive understanding. However, just like the symptoms you get when sick, your vehicle gives off signs when something begins to fail. So, what are the signs and symptoms of a bad or failing transmission?

Delayed or complete lack of response

A primary function of your transmission apart from directing power from the engine to the wheels is to switch gears instantaneously. Therefore, when you experience delayed response, it’s often a sign of poor transmission health and requires a checkup.

Clucking and Whining

These are perhaps the most ignored symptoms in any road-going vehicle. The moment your vehicle begins making funny noises it shouldn’t be making, its time to contact your mechanic. If your transmission is making a humming or whining noise, don’t wait to bring it in for a checkup. Fixing it on time is less expensive and will prevent further transmission damage.

Burning Smell

A burning smell is never a good sign, and it could mean a host of problems. The most common reason could be overheating transmission fluid. There’s no need to panic when this happens, consult your local bay area transmission repair service station for a transmission check-up service. 

Transmission slipping

If you are experiencing erratic shifting and you can hear a whining noise, you may have a slipping transmission problem. If your RPM readings are above 3,000 or delay during acceleration, it’s normally a sign that your transmission is slipping. This problem can be due to several reasons, including low fluid or worse, worn out transmission gears.

Grinding gears

This symptom is different in automatic and manual transmission vehicles.  In manual transmission vehicles, you will experience grinding when changing gears. It often means you have a worn-out clutch that needs replacing. It could also mean one of your transmission synchronizers is damaged. In automatic transmission vehicles, its a symptom of the early stages of transmission failure. Have your mechanic diagnose it for transmission issues.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission Fluid Leak

Leaking transmission fluid is perhaps the easiest symptom to notice. You can easily find out if you have a leak by checking for fluid leaks on your regular parking spot. If you don’t park at a singular spot regularly, place a dry cardboard box underneath your vehicle when parked. If you spot drops of fluid on the cardboard, visit your vehicle for a diagnosis.

Internal view of a transmission

Is It Worth Fixing My Faulty Transmission?

Well, the first step in determining if a transmission repair is worthy is assessing the damage. Visit your local auto repair shop and have your mechanic inspect your transmission system. In case your vehicle isn’t completely damaged, and your engine runs fine, then it might be a good idea to repair or replace your transmission. After an assessment, a mechanic will be able to advise you on the best line of action to safeguard your wallet as well as your vehicle’s health.

Our services

Are you experiencing transmission problems? AAMCO Bay Area is a reputable and qualified autobody service with a track record in transmission repair services. We specialize in Transmission Service and Repair, Brake Service and Repair, Auto Tune-up Service, Clutch Repair Service, Oil Changes and many more.

Did your vehicle break down due to transmission failure? Contact your nearest AAMCO Bay Area location and inquire for a free tow. Our specialists will be more than glad to help you out with your problem.

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